On the Subject of the Huntress

openbookI do not claim to be a world class book huntress, or even one which is currently known at all. I claim to be many things, but not a world class or world renown literhuntress.

I claim to be a lover of books, one who adores most people they find, who thinks the written word is a dear friend that we shan’t lose if we can do anything about it, whether physical or digital (there is no “One’s better” thoughts here).

I claim to be a literature huntress, one who seeks out and tries to find the best novels that she can, the ones which appeal to me, which will give me stories that I want to hear, and usually, ones which I haven’t heard before.

Lastly, I claim to be a bookwyrm, one who hoards knowledge, loves and lavishes praise upon the written word, who feels that every book that enters her hoard is valued, some may have higher value than others, but all books are valued the same to me, unless they come from a place of privilege talking down on the oppressed, or contain rampant bigotry.

Things which might be found on this blog: book reviews, discussions of books, love of novels

Things which will not be found on this blog: defense of books of bigotry (ranging from those Nazi-Jewess novels, to the recent crop of “Savage Dark People” novels, and all inbetween and beyond).

My name is Abigail, and I am a book huntress, and I truly hope that you find a new book to read, or something interesting to think about within these “pages”.



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