“A Tyranny of Queens” Review

Rating: 5.5/5

I bought the book for myself, and all views are 100% my own and honest.

“A Tyranny of Queens” is the second book in the Manifold Worlds series, which primarily follows Saffron Coulter, an Australian girl of 15-16, who accidentally worldwalks to a country called Kena with a woman named Gwen Vere. In the second book, after a successful return to Earth, Saffron misses Kena and her friends, and her first love, Yena a Trishka, a trans woman who is everything I could ask, as a trans woman myself. AToQ follows Saffron, Gwen, Yena, along  with others, as they navigate the aftermath of the first book, and all of the odd things that happen as a result.

Now, something which must be said for this book is how they treat relationships and romance in Kena and various other countries in the books. They practice polyamory is the default state, most people having two or more lovers and children calling parents firstmother or secondfather, etc. Saffron is from Earth, but when she meets Yena, and then in this book, meets Nim, she realizes that she could do this thing. I love a world where polyamory is normal, and where it isn’t a bad thing.

The author, Foz Meadows, is genderqueer, and I so depely love how she writes her trans and nonbinary characters, who are currently Yena a Trishka (trans woman), Naruet (autistic trans man), and Nim (genderfluid), they all act and sound like real people and their stories are not purely based on their gender. Yena’s is in some parts due to how she transitioned, but that is a minor part of her part in the Great Story.

I adore this book, I loved every minute of reading it. I bought it when I found it on Saturday, and would have finished it faster if it weren’t for work in the way of doing so.

If you like books that have: worldwalking, dragons, polyamory, queerness, trans characters who are people, horrible people who have motivations that you can see, heart wrenching moments, happy gays, female-led societies, aliens, and so many more, or just want a great book, read “An Accident of Stars” which is the first book, and then read “A Tyranny of Queens”.


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